The State Crime Records Bureau (SCRB) is the outcome of the recommendation of the (Dharamvira) National Police Commission which found that the maintenance of the crime record functions has receded into an area of neglect. Over a period of time, the priorities in the police functioning have gradually shifted more towards maintenance of public order, dealing with a variety of agitational movements and towards internal security including VIP security, pushing the basic role of the police,i.e. prevention and detection of crime, virtually to the background. With the loss of priority of the crime investigation,the supporting activities of this function,inter-alia,crime records maintenance,has receded into an area of neglect.This has adversely affected the availability of information, particularly in regard to combating the organized crime and professional criminals.

The State Crime Records Bureau, West Bengal has been created under Notification No. 7-P&AR (P) dt 02.01.1987 of Home P&AR Department Govt. of West Bengal. It is to function as a storehouse of information on crime & criminals, coordinate & disseminate information on inter-State & inter-National crime and criminals. The Police Computer Centre which was originally created in 1977 was brought under its control.

The NCRB was created at the National level. The DCRBx was created later at the District level.