CIPA Expansion

Vertical & Horizontal Integration / Expansion of CIPA

The Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India has been considering for quite some time past the idea of integrating the Police Station-level CIPA Project (renamed as CCTNS), both vertically & horizontally. This means that CIPA will see a wide expansion with a number of more functionalities as well as records, registers, etc being included both at the Police Station level as well as higher formations of Police set-up right up to Police Headquarter level. Details of the same are mentioned below. To achieve the desired goal the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, has formed an Expert Sub Group for evolving ways and means for vertical integration of CIPA and evolution of common software for other functionaries of police.

The Sub Group would be chaired by Shri Brijesh Kumar and the following shall be the members of this Expert Sub Group:

1.   Shri P. Srivastava, Addl DGP, UP
2.   Shri Sharda Prasad, Addl DGP, Assam
3.   Director, NCRB
4.   Shri Mahendra Reddy, IG (Computerization, AP
5.   Shri Sudhakar Jauhari, IG SCRB Rajasthan
6.   Shri Sanjay Arora, IG West Zone, TN
7.   Shri O. P. Gupta, Spl IGP SCRB West Bengal
8.   Shri Virendra, IG BSF
9.   Shri Mukesh Chander, Addl CP (Traffic), Delhi
10. Dr. Ambreesh Kumar, DDG NIC

Horizontal integration / expansion of CIPA envisages additional Functionalities to be included in the existing Software relating other main Activities taking place at Police Station's, besides investigation of crime, prevention of crime, and apprehending of criminals, e.g.

  •  Upgradation of the Investigation System;
  •  Law & Order, Intelligence & Security;
  •  Police Station Management;
  • Traffic Management
  • Coordination of Stolen/Recovered/Seized Properties, Missing persons including unidentified persons and dead bodies;
  • Capturing Fingerprints and other biometric data, and searching & matching in the Database at Finger Print Bureaus.
  • Automation of the Systems of Patrolling and Apprehending Criminals;
  • Statistical information required for answering Parliament & Assembly questions from time to time, and various NCRB publications;

Vertical integration / expansion of CIPA envisages transmission & consolidation of the Police Stations Databases at a Central location (State Hqrs.), by providing appropriate high -speed network connectivity, along with developing appropriate web-based Software Interfaces, for required interactions and sharing Information by other higher offices in the Police hierarchy e.g. Circles, Sub-Division, Districts, Range, Zones, Police Hqrs., SCRBx; including scientific and technical organizations having databases required for providing assistance and information for investigation and other purposes e.g. Finger Print Bureaus, Forensic Labs etc.. Some of such software interfaces are identified as follows:

  •  Various statutory and periodic Reports & Statements required to be exchanged among the different levels in the hierarchy.
  • Details of Missing / Kidnapped / Traced Persons.
  • Details of Un-identified persons and dead bodies.
  • Matching of Missing / Kidnapped Persons with unidentified dead bodies etc.
  • Details of Stolen / Recovered / Unclaimed Vehicles, Arms and Other Properties, etc and their matching.
  • Criminals profile e.g. History of involvements, Modus operandi etc..
  • Gangs’ Profiles e.g. Members details, Infrastructure details etc.
  • Interface for capturing developments during Investigation carried out by higher authorities e.g. DSP, SP etc., in Cases registered at Police Stations.
  • Interface for capturing developments during Prosecution by Prosecution Deptt..
  • Interface for information sharing among Police Stations in the context of Personal verification of Arrestees, Servants, and Tenants etc.

Citizen Interfaces: Additionally, as desired in Apex committee meeting taken by the Cabinet Secretary, there is a need to look at the different Citizen Interfaces to be provided to these systems which will enable citizens to have better by-directional interface with the Police Forces. The functionalities envisaged are mentioned below:

  • Complaints/Information to the concerned Police station.
  • Status of the Complaint or Case registered at Police Station.
  • Copies of FIRs, postmortem reports and other permissible Documents etc.
  • Details of Arrested Persons, Wanted Criminals, illegal Activities etc.
  • Details of Missing/Kidnapped Persons and their matching with arrested, unidentified persons and dead bodies etc.
  • Un-identified Dead Bodies, matching with Missing/Kidnapped Persons.
  • Details of Stolen/Recovered Vehicles, Arms and Other Properties etc.

External Interfaces: There is also a need to expand the linkages of this system to other sectors for better efficiency. These include Courts, Jails, etc.