Over a period of time, the priorities in the police functioning have gradually shifted more towards maintenance of public order, dealing with a variety of agitation movements and towards internal security including VIP security, pushing the basic role of the police, i.e. prevention and detection of crime, virtually to the background. With the loss of priority of the crime investigation, the supporting activities of this function, inter-alia, crime records maintenance, has receded into an area of neglect. It is virtually universally recognized in the Indian Police that crime records are not being maintained at the desired level which adversely affects the availability of information, particularly in regard to combating the organized crime and professional criminals.

With the above scenario in the background the primary objective of the SCRB has been set as the development and maintenance of a shareable criminal database which can be meaningfully shared by the police units not only in the State of West Bengal, but all over the country. In particular, the objective of the Crime Record Bureau is to receive, store and furnish back different types of data/information relevant to different purposes like investigational requirements of the police, study of the effect of the present scheme of court trials and procedures and sentencing policy on the subsequent conduct of the criminal assessment of the effect of probation and correctional services now in operation, study of various environmental and other factors which promote deviant behaviour and criminality in society, etc. and thus effectively serve the overall purpose of the criminal justice system as a whole.

To achieve its objectives the NCRB has formatted a number of forms for maintenance of crime and criminal records which are called the Integrated Investigation Forms (IIFs). .........Know More on IIFS