CIPA Site Preparation Guideline


The site preparation guideline is divided into three parts, namely General “Essential’ and ‘preferred’ for necessary action before the installation process starts (the schedule of installation will be intimated as and when these are available to us).
A. General
The items to be installed as below:-
1) The computers as per the distribution rule:-
a. For three computers: Two for Computer Room, One for the duty officer Desk.
b. For four computers: Two for Computer Room, One for duty officer Desk, one for record room.
c. For five computers : Two for Computer Room, One for Duty Officer Desk, one for Record room, One for SHO’s room.
2. One 2 KVA online single phase UPS.
3. One networking switch for construction of LAN. The LAN is to be extended to each computer as stated above.

B. Essential :-
1. Electric wire (5 Amp)– 2 Core + earthing wire (1/18) for computers, switch and peripherals.
2. Electric wire (15 Amp) single core + earthing wire (1/18 ) for Air Conditioning System (*)
3. The power supply to the computer systems and switch should be dedicated with separate MCB.
4. Provision should be made for nearly 15 Amp input and output of a 2KVA single phase UPS. The output of the said UPS should have further distribution system with the said MCB as in item (5) below.
5. One Distribution Board (DB)  with two nos. 5 Amp, 3 pin socket point with switch, fuse and indicator for each computer system [ In the sites four (4)/ three (3) / five (5) such DBs will be required for power supply form the output of UPS ]. Each DB should be connected separately to the main distribution board.
6. One separate DB from the direct supply only with two 5 Amp, 3 pin socket with switch, fuse and indicator for each printer. [ PL do not connect to the output of UPS]
7. One 15 Amp, 3 pin socket with switch for Air conditioner * [ Capacity of the Air conditioner may be ascertained form the size of the room to maintain a temperature of about 22/23 degree Celsius ].
8.  Proper electrical earthing to maintain earth- neutral voltage less than or equal to 3 Volts [ in any case it should not be greater than 5 volts and should not be fluctuating ] in the supply to the MCB mentioned in item (3) and further distribution as in items (4) and (5).
9. Networking cable CAT – 5/6 with RJ-45 connector to run from the switch point to the computers as per the distribution mentioned in item (A) above.
10. The walls must not be damped [Any water seepage should be stopped] and should
     not have multiple doors and the door(s) must be fitted with door closure.
10. Suitable tables (preferably 4’ x 2’) to place computers, printers and chairs for
     regular operation.

C. Preferred :-

12. Minimum room size should be 10’x10’, dust free and with controlled humidity,
     proper lighting etc.
13. Flooring with PVC vinyl in the Computer Room only to control dust.
14. Computer chairs may be revolving with arms.
15. Plate earthing through Copper wire with provision of copper plate (300x300x3mm)
     earthing by digging 12’ deep hole (4’x4’).
16. Oil Bond distemper (double koat) for computer room.
17. (*) Air – Conditioner (1.5 ton) for Computer room with stabilizer OR as per the size of the room.

N.B:  Air conditioner is excluded under 2nd phase CIPA project.
National Informatics Centre, Kolkata